The Comprehensive Guide to Albert Campion Books in Order

Introduction to Albert Campion Books

The mystery genre has been graced with numerous legendary characters, but very few match the charm and intrigue of Albert Campion. Created by Margery Allingham, an acclaimed British author, Campion’s tales of adventure and deduction have captured worldwide audiences. This guide aims to recount the magic within the Albert Campion books, all in their chronological order.

Meet the Man, Albert Campion

Albert Campion is a pseudonym for a man of aristocracy shrouded in enigma. The character debuted in 1929 in the book “The Crime at Black Dudley.” Initially intended as a minor character, he became the star of his own series. Campion’s magnetic persona and wit, combined with the complex narratives make for outstanding narratives.

Unraveling the Albert Campion Mystery – The Book Series

SL No. Book Title Publication Year
1 The Crime at Black Dudley 1929
2 Mystery Mile 1930

Digging Deeper into the Mystery – Highlighting Key Books

Getting through this section will unveil a better understanding and intrigue into the complex plotlines that revolve around Campion’s encounters with danger, deception and mystery.

The Crime at Black Dudley (1929)

The inaugural book introduces audiences to Campion at an ominous gathering in a remote mansion. Surrounded by mystery, he survives numerous attempts on his life and uncovers the truth, a quest that paves the way for his future adventures.

Mystery Mile (1930)

The second venture offers a closer look at Campion’s character as he utilizes his skills to save an American judge. The story highlights Campion’s flair for getting into the messiest situations and still coming out on top.

Exploring the Continuation of the Albert Campion Series

Margery Allingham has published 18 stories that followed Campion’s thrilling adventures. However, after her death, her husband, Philip Youngman Carter, continued the series, contributing to two more novels.

Resting in bookshelves are several more exciting chapters of Campion’s adventurous journey that have made their mark in the annals of mystery novels.

The Campion Legacy Lives On

Despite being part of an era gone by, the Albert Campion books continue to captivate readers with its pitch-perfect blending of suspense, wit, and action. Campion’s character is truly time-resistant, retaining its allure even after nearly a century since it first came into existence.

Indulge in the Campion Experience

With its rich plotlines and compelling character in Albert Campion, the series has more than earned its place in the classic Whodunit genre. Infusing an authentic British charm into the narratives, this series promises an immersion into a world of suspense and enigma. By following the Albert Campion books in order, readers will enjoy a consistent, intricately connected storyline that only gets better with each book.


In conclusion, the Albert Campion series is a treasure trove for any mystery genre ardent. The thrill of turning each page provides an unrivaled adrenaline rush. If you haven’t started yet, it’s time to dive into the enthralling Albert Campion books for an unforgettable literary experience.

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