Unraveling the Mystery: A Comprehensive Guide to the Albert Campion Books in Chronological Order


Albert Campion, the brainchild of Margery Allingham, stands tall among the grandmasters of fictional detective characters. Like threads interlacing in an intricate tapestry, the life of this superbly intelligent and enigmatic character unfolds in a series of novels that combine cathartic mystery with riveting drama. In assisting you to decode this captivating narrative, we curate a comprehensive guide through the labyrinth of Allingham’s novels, charting out the Albert Campion books in chronological order.

1. The Adventure Begins: ‘The Crime at Black Dudley’ (1929)

Dark, isolated, and mysterious – the setting of Albert Campion’s first appearance, ‘The Crime at Black Dudley’, is as enigmatic as the character himself. Although Campion plays a secondary role in this narrative, his charisma and intellect leave an indelible impression upon readers, paving the way for his eventual path as a sleuth.

2. The First Frontline Mission: ‘Mystery Mile’ (1930)

In ‘Mystery Mile’, we witness Campion taking the center stage for the first time. He employs his wit and charm to save Judge Crowdy Lobbett from a malicious criminal syndicate, painting an immersive and suspenseful narrative.

3. Unveiling Secrets: ‘Look to the Lady’ (1931)

‘Disturbing mysteries wrapped in histories’, ‘Look to the Lady’ presents an intriguing blend of ancient legend, gory murder, and aristocratic conspiracy. The ever-challenging Campion must leverage his cunning intelligence to navigate this labyrinth of deceit and danger.

4. Deciphering Dilemmas: ‘Police at the Funeral’ (1931)

Set in Campion’s Cambridge, ‘Police at the Funeral’ presents vivid imagery of a stately mansion, a wealthy old lady, and a series of bizarre murders. Campion steps in to shed light on a web of secrets and betrayals that define the eccentric Faraday household.

20. The Curtain Falls: ‘The Mind Readers’ (1965)

In the final installment, ‘The Mind Readers’, Campion embarks on the seemingly impossible task of solving an international weapon theft and averting a major catastrophe, capping off the saga with a thrilling climax.


The Albert Campion series is more than just a set of detective novels; it’s an intriguing narrative interwoven with spine-chilling mysteries, gripping suspense, and tantalizing drama. This trail through the Albert Campion books in chronological order will help you appreciate the nuanced storytelling and remarkable character development that define Margery Allingham’s profound literary legacy.

Embark on this journey that will take you through murder mysteries, haunting tales, and compelling adventures, right from ‘The Crime at Black Dudley’ through ‘The Mind Readers.’ As you traverse this riveting narrative marked by intrigue, intellectual struggle, and daring exploits, you will gain a richer understanding of Albert Campion’s character, making your immersion in this universe of mysteries all the more enlightening and enjoyable.

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