5 Epic Fantasy Series after Stormlight Archive to Discover Next

Embark on Epic Fantasy Journeys Beyond the Stormlight Archive

As one concludes the Stormlight Archive, there’s often a yearning for more narratives filled with enchanting worlds, complex magic systems, and nuanced characters. For those in pursuit of such splendor, a selection of sagas rivals the grandeur of Brandon Sanderson’s eminent opus. These series beckon readers into realms of sheer intricacy and boundless creativity.

Rich Ensemble Casts in Multi-layered Worlds

Dive into Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen, where a pantheon of characters, both divine and mortal, pursue cryptic ambitions. With personas like Anomander Rake and the Bonehunters’ lost souls, this series offers an absorbing experience akin to the diverse and enthralling cast found within Sanderson’s universe.

An Artistic Take on Magical Laws

Brent Weeks’ The Lightbringer Series presents Chromaturgy, a captivating realm where light crafts power and form. This system parallels the intricate Surgebinding in the Stormlight Archive, thus providing an innovative yet resonant magical structure for fans to explore.

Epic Fantasy Series after Stormlight Archive

Grand World-Building and Epic Storytelling

The awe-inspiring diversity of continents in the Stormlight Archive finds its match in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. Journey across a vast world caught in an age-old conflict between Light and Shadow, with rich detail that mirrors the scale of Sanderson’s legendary settings.

Uncover the Mysteries of the Cosmere

Fans who revel in the interconnected realms of the Stormlight Archive will find delight in Sanderson’s own Mistborn series. Set on a different planet within the same ‘Cosmere,’ it delves into themes of subjugation and rebellion, all while introducing the unique Allomantic powers.

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Timeless Themes in Modern Narratives

Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicle echoes the mythic charm of the Stormlight Archive, offering a narrative tapestry that stitches together a tale of growth and the deconstruction of heroism with poetic elegance.

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Intensity and Realism Within the Fantastical

Joe Abercrombie’s First Law Trilogy injects a dose of dark realism into the fantasy genre, showcasing morally grey characters. This trilogy diverges from classical narratives, providing a profound psychological exploration akin to the tribulations faced by Dalinar Kholin.

Discover Endless Literary Horizons

The epic fantasy domain is replete with sagas that stretch the limits of the mind and ensnare the heart with memorable tales. These recommended series stand ready to succeed the Stormlight Archive, inviting you to venture into novel adventures brimming with excitement and profundity. Embrace these new epic fantasy series and let them sweep you into a maelstrom of fantastical delight.

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